3 Year IAS Coaching in Chennai – Best gateway for college students

Vetrii IAS Academy is a pioneer in the area of IAS Coaching in Chennai and they have experienced faculty, the most modern of technology and flexible classes for the benefit of students. The 3 year preparation course helps college students get a head start to their IAS preparation and is designed to help them develop a holistic personality. The classes are conducted only on Sundays, to help students balance their college workload and fundamentals in every subject are covered at a leisurely pace.

Additional sessions on how to effectively take notes, participation in group discussions etc., are conducted and these help students not only in their IAS preparation, but also in the general college placement. The habits of regular newspaper reading and undertaking thorough subjective researches are inculcated and these help students stand in good stead in all their future endeavors.

Thus Vetrii IAS coaching in Chennai is designed to help students achieve their full potential and gives them a much needed sense of purpose and direction.

Your mind is your library of what you read. – LailahGifty Akita

Key Skills to be developed during these 3 year IAS Coaching in Chennai

Time Management

Time Management

The faculty at Vetrii IAS Academy works closely with students and guides them on how to plan their preparation based on their current schedule. Further, flexible slots are also available to help students effectively manage their time without compromising on the existing academic studies in college.

Key areas of focus include

  • Methods to prioritize tasks and developing realistic schedules.
  • Building in flexibility in activities.
  • Balancing essential activities like sports and sleep, along with study.
  • Actively countering negative peer pressure and procrastination… and much more.

Syllabus Coverage

IAS IPS IFS Syllabus

This aspect is closely related to time management and performance optimization. IAS exams have a very broad spectrum of testing and it is important that students are thorough. The syllabus covered in small steps over the 3 year period must be assimilated effectively by students.

Vetrii IAS Academy guides students over this difficult path and helps them cover all areas effectively.

Fundamentals of NCERT books


Both IAS preliminary and main exams cover general topics extensively. The best entry into this vast subject portal covering history, geography, polity etc., is by means of NCERT textbooks. NCERT books from class 6 to class 12 are authentic sources of information and give a strong base to IAS preparation. Every topic is covered to reasonable depth and it helps to shape the student’s perspective to these subjects effectively.

However, even by reasonable estimates, about 44 NCERT textbooks have to be read for IAS preparation.

  • How to effectively plan and cover all areas and subjects effectively?
  • How to read all these books and yet remember the contents?
  • What are the smart ways to optimize one’s time?
  • Where do I start in my mission?

All the above questions and more are answered during Vetrii IAS Coaching in Chennai in their endeavor to help students achieve their goals.

Tips on reading Newspaper Reading for IAS preparation

Newspaper reading tips

It is generally advised that IAS aspirants must read specific newspapers like ‘The Hindu’. However, with the ubiquity of the Internet and the subsequent information explosion, it is quite necessary to understand the purpose of reading the newspaper, how this habit has to be supplemented with the information available and the general approach from an IAS exam perspective.

  • How to effectively analyse and gather information?
  • What to read and what not to read?
  • How to take notes effectively and follow up on evolving issues?
  • How to relate newspaper reading with the syllabus?

All the above questions and more are answered and students guided effectively by experts at Vetrii IAS coaching in Chennai.

Tips on taking notes for IAS preparation

Taking Notes

It is not enough just to gather information. It is important to segregate the information in an understandable format and ensure that all events are logged effectively and continuously. IAS preparation is a long-term activity and hence, it is important that notes that are taken are logical and in an easy-to-follow format.

  • How to take notes and maintain a register?
  • How to club the topics effectively?
  • How to follow up on various events and relate it to the syllabus?

All the above questions and more are answered and students guided effectively by experts at Vetrii IAS Coaching centre.

Researching government websites

Government Website Research

When one aspires to be part of the government and bureaucracy, it is vital that one gets familiarized with the working of various departments and the information available on the websites. But with multiple departments and activities, it is necessary to have a clear idea with some initial preparation about the activities of the department, before actually logging on to the website.

Tips regarding researching government websites are discussed extensively at Vetrii IAS Coaching in Chennai throughout the year, more so when specific areas of the syllabus and polity are covered.

Developing Writing Skills

Writing Tips

The ability to convey thoughts lucidly in writing is the key to success. Flamboyant and flowery writing is not the case here, but rather, IAS aspirants must concentrate on the requirement. The requirement is simple – does the candidate have the ability to give clear and straight forward answers?

Vetrii IAS Coaching helps students from different backgrounds acquire this subtle skill with constant mentoring and coaching. How to take the topic with a logical flow, how to deliver a precise introduction, how to deliver persuasive arguments and more are covered in this module.

Essay Writing Tips

Essay Writing Tips

Within 3 hours, an aspirant is expected to write an essay and the total marks allocated for this is 250.  Essay writing is important, as it plays a key role in deciding the placement in the final list. While the general suggestion is to follow the ‘Opinion’ or ‘Editorial’ section of newspapers, it is not as it meets the eye.

  • How does one choose a topic, from the list given?
  • How to take forward the topic logically?
  • What are the pitfalls to avoid?
  • How to give an overall picture without sounding biased?

All the above questions and more are answered and students guided effectively by our experienced faculty.

Hobbies and Personality Development

Hobbies and Personality Development

The final step to clearing IAS is the round of interviews. Here is where the candidate is given a chance to present himself or herself in person before a panel and answer questions directly. The aim of this round is to judge the candidate’s worth, understand their awareness and test their reasoning ability. Planning and preparation go hand in and it requires and honest introspection on the part of the candidates.

At Vetrii IAS Academy, mock interviews are conducted by an eminent panel of experts, to equip students to face the ‘real’ test effectively.

Why does IAS preparation right from college days help?

Given the prestigious position and key roles played by IAS officers, the selection process is extremely rigorous. While a general awareness and decision making capabilities are keys, it also starts with effective planning and preparation for the exam. This is where a head start gives the cutting edge.

When preparation is started after finishing college, the general tendency to apply oneself to books again diminishes. Further, give the highly competitive nature of the exam, multiple attempts may be required to clear the exam and this will lead to a waste of 3 to 5 years of career experience.

Further, if one enters the civil services at a young age, there is a better chance to perform and reach the pinnacle of the administrative services easily. Career trajectory is smoother, than when one enters the civil services at a later date.

A holistic personality and ability to work under pressure and tense situations in a calm, composed and methodical manner is crucial to success. With correct guidance, a holistic personality can be developed during the college days and this will be a strong foundation for future activities.

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